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I am happy and I am particularly proud to work for Mondadori. I consider it a privilege to arrive every morning in a place so beautiful and admired by the whole world: opening any architecture book and seeing Palazzo Mondadori as the best example of the architect Oscar Niemeyer makes me feel really lucky! I also feel personally involved because my work in the technical office allows me to be an active part in the maintenance and conservation of what I consider a real work of art.
Naturally, I sought a supplier who was at the highest level and could meet the highest of standards of the Mondadori reputation. I found Dr. Casa and Alisea to be just that. An ideal partner to tackle all the jobs of reclamation that a building of this kind requires. I care very much about the health of the thousands of people who work or simply pass through this place every day and I do not neglect anything from the point of view of the hygiene of the air systems: I have the privilege of being surrounded by meadows and nature, because frankly I can never allow unhealthy air to circulate in this building. In a large building like ours, planning and managing the air systems is not a simple task. The quality of the work done by Alisea was absolutely up to my expectations and they were able to solve some problems that a work of such importance inevitably entails. I certainly couldn’t entrust the Mondadori headquarters in the wrong hands!

Mondadori Technical Office Segrate (MI) Headquarters

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