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Alisea exclusive solutions
for specific hygiene problems

Alisea gives you the certainty of being able to solve the most specific hygiene and safety problems related to your HVAC system with targeted interventions.

Hood and Smoke
Extraction Cleanings

For the hygienic management of unburnt smoke extraction systems, Alisea intervention eliminates all risk factors of fire due to the presence of fatty deposits, equipment malfunction and food contamination.

Kitchens at hotels and restaurants by nature are more exposed to the risk of fire. Poor maintenance of this equipment considerably increases the danger. Food can also become contaminated.

Alisea, in the course of over ten years of experience, has studied and made operational more than one remediation system, because often the structure and the accessibility features require the adoption of different technical solutions, each effective only on a specific part of the system. Between working methods adopted by Alisea technicians we can offer:

AliFoam method

An automated endoscopic spraying treatment of internal surfaces, using a foaming product capable of dissolving all greasy and carbonaceous residues

AliSteam method

This method is based on the use of an electronic saturated steam generator at 180 ° C, together with a very powerful aspiration of liquefied fats.

AliDust method

Particularly suitable for oily and wet residues. It uses a special product with a very low particle size, able to absorb fats and allow their suction

AliDry method

This method consists in the use of a jet of dry ice whose temperature (up to -79 ° C) is able to solidify the greasy residues and make them detach from the surfaces to suck them.

AliSkin method

For carbonized deposits that are difficult to eliminate, the application of a specific product is able to prevent combustion forever, making the system safe

NanoPrevent method

Prevents deposits through the application of a particular nanotechnological product on the surfaces, to prevent the adhesion of deposits and guarantee suction

Subsequently, we perform a Final Technical Inspection, with a scrupulous verification process of the operations carried out and the results obtained. Then, a recognized Certification of the hygienic suitability of the plant and a Hygienic Maintenance Plan is drafted for customer use.


In air treatment plants, the management of the legionella pneumophila risk is ensured by the application of ours Alisea Guaranteed Method. However, since the bacteria of the genus Legionella can also constitute a danger inside water systems, Alisea as implemented a specific advanced Risk Analysis and Assessment protocol.

Water systems can be fertile ground for the proliferation of microorganisms harmful to our health especially due to the presence of stagnant water which can turn into a real basin of infectious disease

The Alisea protocol for Legionella provides six distinct phases:

microscopio rischio biologico

Risk Analysis
During which all the “risk factors” deriving from the presence of Legionella spp in sanitary waters occur.

Risk Assessment Document
The document contains all the data and considerations collected in the previous phase, and proceeds with an outline of the control measures.

Validate the intervention carried out
In order to evaluate the effective effectiveness of the treatment, plant and microbiological checks are carried out and documented with a technical intervention report.

Correttive Actions
Different according to the level of risk. They can be plant-management or restoration actions, with a reclamation of the water network.

Microbiological monitoring of water
Evaluations of Legionella concentrations through testing

Risk management program
All interventions and analysis performed must be reported in a Risk Management Program.


Alisea has developed an innovative service of  disinfection by air, a real quick and tailor-made disinfection service.

The procedure adopted is ideal for sanitizing the air and surfaces of any type of a confined environment: it does not generate the formation of volatile organic compounds and its degradation is rapid and greater than 99%. In other words, its safe to use in your offices and businesses.

The Primary Disinfection service is effective in responding in an agile manner to the needs of urgent environmental remediation or sanitation. It is able to be deployed quickly and repeatedly , which guarantees the maximum safety and total hygiene, in the period of time between the remediation intervention and the subsequent surveillance visit.

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