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AliWare 2.0 Software
Fuzzy Logic technology

Born in the mid-1960s from the studies of Lotfi A. Zadeh, a professor at the University of Berkeley in California, fuzzy logic is a polyvalent logic, linked to the theory of blurred sets.

Starting from this logic, we have developed the AliWare 2.0 software, which allows you to go beyond some limits of classical logic, attributing intermediate degrees of truth to each factor taken into consideration, in particular all those numerical factors that do not have a well-defined classification.

In the technical environmental analysis phase for each plant, 46 risk factors are taken into consideration, relating to the outdoor environment, the indoor one, the structure and operation of the AHU, the structure of the pipeline network, the characteristics of the personnel present in the premises served by the rooms.

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Thanks to AliWare 2.0, during this phase it is possible to define a Plant Risk Index that has a nature
static and is intended to remain fixed for the entire duration of the Risk Assessment Document (DVR).

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Remotair®: Monitoring
automatic hygiene
air systems

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Remotair is an artificial intelligence-based solution for continuous monitoring of a ventilation system’s operational health and cleanliness. REMOTAIR® patent-pending technology alerts users of any critical event while also providing preventive diagnosis.

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the Aeroseal® System
for the elimination of losses
air in the aeraulic ducts

Nearly two out of three HVAC systems have holes, cracks and leaks inside the air ducts.
It is a common thought to believe that air ducts, once built, are sealed and can remain hermetic for a long time, ensuring excellent air flow, hygiene and good system balance. But in reality, things are very different.

Statistically, more than than 60% of air systems have ducts with leaks and cracks. The problem also affects new construction.

How to solve the problem
of air leaks?

Eliminating losses can mean saving thousands of euros every month. Sub-standard solutions such as adhesive tape or duct replacement can be in effective and costly. There is however a solution that exists.

We were the first in Italy to adopt the innovative AEROSEAL® technology for sealing from the inside of ventilation systems, with a average reduction of 90%, in a very short time.

An innovative procedure

A sealant is sprayed with the help of compressed air and heat and fed into the duct through a fan. The aerosolized particles settle at the leak points of the system, but not on their intact surface.

Unprecedented tightness

The high efficiency of this system makes it possible to remain below the requirements of tightness class D, in accordance with DIN EN 1507, DIN EN 12237, DIN EN 12599, Eurovent or DW144 TM1.

The speed of the process

The application does not require any long-term construction site and it is possible to return immediately to use the premises concerned. A speed that cannot be guaranteed with traditional procedures.

Increase Comfort

Aeroseal significantly reduces the loss of heat or cold caused by leaky pipes and ensures a homogeneous distribution of heat and cold throughout the entire building.

Before and after sealing, the AEROSEAL® system performs a test aimed at determining the total loss of the system. At the end of the intervention a certificate is provided which indicates the percentage of reduction of the air loss in the system and all the technical data of the intervention.

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