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Incorrect hygienic management of your HVAC system can expose you to serious dangers, often unknown and ignored. The problems relate not only to health but also to cost savings and legal protection. The Alisea Guaranteed Method reduces your risk to zero.

Know the Risks
of your HVAC system.

The pandemic has further highlighted what we have always supported: air quality  must be a central issue in the workplace. Managing the risk of chemical, physical and microbiological pollution are crucial to ensuring the well-being workers and customers.

The first step is to understand your risk.

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Health Risk

It’s been a longstanding belief that air pollution was an outdoor problem. Scientific data collected over the past thirty years proves otherwise.

Contamination of HVAC systems is the main cause of poor indoor air quality. The very structure and function of HVAC systems put them at risk for imbalance and contamination.

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Legal Risk

Current regulations require correct operation and hygiene of your HVAC system. Disregarding these laws can create serious legal problems. With Alisea you can be sure to respect all relevant  and up to date European regulations.

Risk of Wasting Money

Plants in poor sanitary conditions are highly inefficient and a costly to run. NADCA case studies have shown that cleaning plants has brought significant improvements in energy efficiency with consequent savings.

Cleaning the system without addressing other problems such as leaks or cracks is equivalent to throwing money away.  

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The Alisea Guaranteed Method:
from risk to solution to breathe safely again

In an in-depth e-book, the whole story that led us to become i N.1 in Italy in the management
hygiene of air systems, and all studies and research
the basis of our unique management system on the market.

The right reading to know the potential risks at 360°
and choose security for your company’s environments.

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