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Our main goal is the protection of the client’s health. We have worked in almost every commercial sector including; hotels, schools, restaurants, oil rigs, pharmaceutical companies and much more.

Arnoldo Mondadori Editore S.P.A.

I am happy and I am particularly proud to work for Mondadori. I consider it a privilege to arrive every morning in a place so beautiful and admired by the whole world: opening any architecture book and seeing Palazzo Mondadori as the best example of the architect …

Mondadori Technical Office Segrate (MI) Headquarters

Egidio Galbani S.P.A.

I’m Massimo, the Prevention and Protection Service Manager of the Galbani headquarter in Corteolona, next to Milan. I really appreciated the expertise of Alisea during the duct cleaning and the sanitation of our workplace. Our facility is Galbani’s flagship in Northern Italy and one of the largest in Europe…

RSPP Galbani Corteolona Plant (PV)

Eni S.P.A.

ENI S.p.A. is one of the most consolidated companies in Italy and I work in the San Donato Milanese office where, I assure you, I never get bored. It often happens to me that the working week is not enough because many jobs, such as maintenance, are carried out during the weekend or at night …

Eni S.P.A.

Bolton Food

We contacted Alisea to help us assess the health risk of our air handling systems and to define an inspection and maintenance plan in order to keep them in conditions that do not cause dangers to our workers. The work was carried out with professionalism and accuracy …

Bolton Food Health, Safety & Environment Manager

Esselunga S.P.A.

I have been working in Esselunga for almost twenty years and I am very proud of it! Esselunga is a nationally important corporation and the Limito di Pioltello headquarters, where I work, is more like a small town than a company: the size, the number of employees …

Maintenance manager

Forumnet S.P.A.

Let’s face it: I have an extremely demanding job but it is also as beautiful and engaging! I am in charge of the technical office and part of the Board of Directors of FORUMNET and I work at the Mediolanum Forum in Assago, a place that everyone knows for being the most important Italian Arena …

Head of Technical Department / Board of Directors Mediolanum Forum Assago (MI)

Radici Chimica S.P.A. Novara

We have always been very attentive to the safety and well-being of those who work in our company and among the procedures for the protection of people that we have long adopted, the periodic cleaning of the air systems is one of our strengths. Preventing workers from getting sick …
RSPP Specialty Chemicals

Supply Chain Specialty Chemicals

Cattolica University of Milan

As part of the risk assessment activity for the Milan office of the university, the need emerged to verify the actual state of the HVAC systems with regards to cleanliness and contamination air handling units and duct network. The activity began last year on a segment of three machines …

Bolton Food Health, Safety & Environment Manager

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