forum assago alisea


Let’s face it: I have an extremely demanding job but it is also as beautiful and engaging! I am in charge of the technical office and part of the Board of Directors of FORUMNET and I work at the Mediolanum Forum in Assago, a place that everyone knows for being the most important Italian Arena, where hundreds of musical, sporting and trade fairs are held every year. .. you can easily imagine what complications can arise from having to manage thousands of people at the same time in a closed place, how many aspects I have to consider as a security manager and what obstacles I have to overcome to achieve the goal of allowing everyone to have a spectacular and totally safe experience. Preventing any kind of danger is my job, every day. This is why we chose Alisea: the professionalism shown in the work carried out allows me the peace of mind that only those who carry out their work with conscience can give.

Head of Technical Department / Board of Directors Mediolanum Forum Assago (MI)

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