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Guaranteed Method

We manage, remediate, and prevent HVAC contamination; chemical, physical and microbiological.

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For over twenty years we have focused solely on HVAC hygiene management.

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The leaders
in Italy

Alisea is the only Italian company with 7 CVI technicians, 18 ASCS technicians and 16 VMT technicians. All certifications are issued by NADCA and internationally recognized.


of Innovation

We are innovators who constantly bring new technology and services to the industry: Checkout the latest from: RemotairAeroseal and AliWare.

The first in HVAC Hygiene Management

Being number one means always being one step ahead of the competition. We go far beyond the simple cleaning of HVAC systems.

The  Alisea Guaranteed Method protects your HVAC system through a complete and comprehensive health, legal, and technical perspective.

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Zero Truffe Il Salvagente (Zero Scams) Certificate

Our work is 100% guaranteed, as certified by Salvagente, a large, and highly recognized Italian consumer protection agency. To achieve the “Zero Truffe” or “Zero Scams” Certification inspections are carried out among our client companies evaluating the effective implementation of control procedures and accuracy of our corresponding Aeraulic Risk Assessment Documents (DVR).

Part of this verification includes the professionalism of our technicians and the accuracy of the testimonials written by the client companies.

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Understanding the risks related to HVAC contamination.

The pandemic has further  highlighted what we have always supported: air quality must be a central issue in the workplace. Managing the risk of chemical, physical and microbiological pollution is crucial to ensuring the well-being employees and customers.

The first step is understanding your risk.

A Unique
team in Europe

For over 20 years we have focused on one thing: HVAC System Hygiene Management. Alisea offers the best services and latest innovations in the market today, guaranteed.

Alisea’s team is unique in Europe because of our world-class continuous training program. All of our technicians participate in a multi-year course of theoretical and practical studies, carried out both in the classroom and in the our exclusive Training Center.

Over 3000 customers in Italy and abroad rely on the Alisea Guaranteed Method.

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Andrea Casa, President and founder of Alisea, is considered the top Italian expert in the field of HVAC hygiene. He is also the first European member to be admitted to the Board of Directors of NADCA, the most important and prestigious worldwide association of duct cleaning and HVAC hygiene.

Additionally, Andrea is a founding member of Italian Association of Aeraulic Systems Hygienists (AIISA).

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See how Alisea has revolutionized HVAC
system monitoring

Alisea’s Patented Remotair System utilizes artificial intelligence to monitor HVAC hygiene in real time: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Alisea Stories

Our main focus is the protection of our client’s health. We have worked in every sector: hotels, schools, restaurants, oil rigs, pharmaceutical companies and much more.

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Arnoldo Mondadori Editore S.P.A.

It was natural for me to look for a supplier that lived up to the Mondadori reputation and I found Dr. Casa and Alisea the ideal partner to tackle all the remediation work that a building of this kind requires. In a large building like ours, plan and manage everything …

Mondadori Technical Office Segrate (MI) Headquarters

Barilla G. & R.
Fratelli S.P.A.

For some years, the ALISEA Company has been collaborating with Barilla in relation to maintenance work on the aeraulic systems in the Parma District; these are complete cleaning, sanitizing and analytical validation activities of the aeraulic circuits in their entirety: AHU, ducts, terminals …

General Plant Maintenance Manager in the Parma Area

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