alisea università cattolica

Cattolica University of Milan

As part of the risk assessment activity for the Milan office of the university, the need emerged to verify the actual state of the HVAC systems with regards to cleanliness and contamination air handling units and duct network. The activity began last year on a segment of three machines chosen on a sample of criteria related to the different type of plant, year of commissioning and different environments (classrooms, common areas, reading rooms, etc.) This year , contingency permitting, we will continue the activity together with another lot, different plant types and varied plant seniority in order to acquire, as completely as possible, an overview of the general state of the HVAC plants in service.

With Alisea we have started a process that will lead us to evaluate all our systems and plan, if necessary, cleaning and sanitizing activities. For now we have acquired very  useful information also for more accurate management of maintenance activities and for better control control of  our third party contractors who currently manage the plants. I really appreciate the availability, professionalism and above all the accuracy and prudence of the data provided to us by Alisea. As I said earlier, we are at the beginning of a path that will continue indefinitely. I would like to recommend Alisea as a strong partner for those in the RSPP professional looking to have technical support in evaluations. They can help evaluate that your current technical and maintenance activities are accurate and efficient.

Head of the Prevention and Protection Service of the Cattolica University of the Sacro Cuore Milan office

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