eni alisea


ENI S.p.A. is one of the most consolidated companies in Italy and I work in the San Donato Milanese office where, I assure you, I never get bored. It often happens to me that the working week is not enough because many jobs, such as maintenance, are carried out during the weekend or at night, which is usually the case with Alisea. Their willingness to meet us was fundamental for the success of the work, the remediation of the ducts. Alisea followed closely the intervention program spearheaded by highly trained and professional technicians. Alisea had been referred to me by an older colleague, who had already had the opportunity to positively test their work. I followed the work personally and often collaborated with Alisea because I needed to monitor the progress of the work, to then report to the managers. It is not a mystery: I would recommend them without a shadow of a doubt.

Eni S.P.A.

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